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Application Specific Power Systems

Manufacture Power Over Ethernet
TPS327  baseplate cooled 600W DC/DC converter

The term ‘Application Specific’ is used to indicate a power supply or system that has been developed in such a way as to suit the conditions it is required to operate under.  In order to bring out the best in a particular project, it is often necessary to tailor the performance facets of the power source to match. At Transpower, we continually look for new ways to solve technical challenges but strive to reuse proven circuit blocks wherever possible.

The reasons for choosing to use a specific power supply can be many and  varied, but they tend to be based around the following reasons: -

Size - Using an application specific power supply can not only reduce the overall size but can also form a mechanical part of the overall system.

Output Voltages - Projects, which need either a non-standard voltage or a variable output, are well suited to application specific.

Electrical Performance - Some systems will need particular performance criteria to work properly and an application specific power supply can be tailor made.

Rugged - Build Many applications require some ability to withstand severe environmental stress.

Cooling Methods - Conduction and convection methods can be used as well as forced air or water cooling.

Digital Control - The integration of a processor opens many more options for the systems designer.

Integration of System - Many customers are seeking ways to reduce overall costs and ease of build by making the power supply part of the system build.

What do we mean by “Application Specific”?