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Transpower uses a batch build process, which allows us to build up to 40 different types of power supplies in a month, in varying batches of 1-200 units, to a volume of around 500 units.

J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 trained operators assemble surface mount, through hole and mechanical parts.


Local subcontractors used for volume surface mount assembly. These suppliers are carefully vetted and work from a free issue kit of parts from Transpower to prevent problems of counterfeit parts.

Documented assembly procedures for each power supply ensure repeatable assembly and configuration control of bills of materials and assembly notes track changes.

Clean and light assembly areas. ESD protection employed at incoming inspection, kitting and assembly benches. A conductive floor is used throughout the assembly and inspection areas.

All power supplies undergo a thorough inspection process which are fully documented with visual aids to ensure repeatability.

All units are subjected to a documented test process for safety and operational functions. After final inspection, a PAT test and packaging complete the process.

Transpower assembles and inspects products to IPC 610 and IPC J STD-001 Class 2 and Class 3 as requested by our customers.